Sunday 21st Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Norco plan to track vehicles

Norco, which specialises in short term rental, maintenance and management of traction and standby batteries, has introduced vehicle tracking devices on all its service vehicles.
It has introduced a vehicle fleet improvement programme to improve the overall efficiency of its service department. The programme involves replacing all vehicles aged over thee years old and the introduction of tracking devices.
Through the tracking device system, admin staff can monitor the speed, direction and location of all field based engineers across the United Kingdom. The system will help improve the planning and scheduling of engineering work, in turn, improving response times, aiding time sheet management and cutting down the rescheduling of work due to traffic problems.
A tracking devise has also been attached to the truck used to support  third party transport links in delivering and colleting of batteries across the UK to help organising urgent deliveries and collections and will help with the compliance of the working time regulations.