Green name for Freightliner loco

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Freightliner has named one of its Class 66, low emission locomotives ‘NYK Spirit Of Kyoto’ at a ceremony at Freightliner’s Southampton Millbrook Terminal.
Freightliner said it was a  tribute to NYK for its consistent drive to transport more of its container business by rail on Freightliner services. The name was suggested up by NYK employee Paul Squires reflecting the Kyoto Protocol – the international agreement to stabilise greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. 
NYK director Dave Elsom said: “I am delighted that Freightliner has given us the opportunity to name one of their new locomotives.  It fits perfectly with our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to reduce our corporate carbon footprint and it is apt that the locomotive chosen is designed to produce lower emissions.  It is equally apt that it should be a Freightliner locomotive, since our partnership with Freightliner continues to flourish with increasing demand in service levels expected from the container haulage industry.”

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