ASM plans for trade revamp

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ASM, the provider of software solutions for the freight industry, is set to revamp its global e-cargo management system in response to the European Union’s multi annual strategic plan (MASP).

The MASP has been set out to simplify procedures for customs and trade by creating a simple, paperless environment for them to work in.

The creation of an electronic customs system will be one of the major changes proposed by the commission.

Collecting and sharing data earlier in the supply chain process will have to become a priority for freight companies under the new legislation. This includes tighter security measures for goods entering or leaving communities.

ASM faces the challenge of developing freight software which will meet the needs of modern forwarders under the changes outlined by the European Commission.

“The move to a harmonised single administrative document and the changes being introduced as part of the EU MASP, represents the paradigm shift in compliance issues for any company involved in global trade and international supply chains,” said chairman Peter MacSwiney. ASM plans to release its new software system by 2009.

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