ERF name to disappear

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The ERF name is disappearing from the UK road transport industry following the decision by MAN to stop branding vehicles with the ERF name.
The writing has been on the wall for the ERF brand ever since Cummins decided it would not to provide a Euro 4 engine suitable for the range. The use of a Cummins engine was the main differentiator between ERF and MAN trucks which both used the same cabs.
MAN has been equipping ERF models with its D20 engine and it says that this specification has been readily accepted by many ERF/Cummins customers. “However, this change to MAN’s Euro 4 engine has resulted in a significant reduction in demand for ERF badged trucks.”
MAN ERF UK pledged that, while significant demand for the ERF brand remained, the company would respond and keep the brand alive in the UK.
“Unfortunately this reduction in demand, together with the introduction of the new MAN TGX and TGS models, means the company has decided to cease production of ERF branded trucks.”

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