Cross dock for BP forecourt service

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BP Retail has selected DHL to deliver some 30 million cases of fresh chill, ambient and secure products, like milk, soft drinks and sandwiches to 350 forecourt shops each year.
DHL has introduced a cross dock operation in Harlow, in conjunction with Nisa-Today’s existing operation. This uses double-deck trailers for transporting goods between BP’s national distribution centre in Lutterworth and Nisa-Today’s Harlow warehouse, which is also managed by DHL. The operation uses Nisa-Today’s delivery vehicles with both parties sharing cost and benefits associated with a collaborative approach.
Rebecca Coles, BP Retail’s Supply Chain Manager, said: “DHL gave us the confidence to undertake massive operational change, working to meet our strategy with innovative distribution solutions.”
The contract is an extension of work that DHL has carried out for BP since 2005 when it won a three year contract to handle convenience retail distribution. DHL also supports the in-house BP main fuels fleet, aviation distribution and is sole contractor for bitumen in the UK. It covers a range of new services including multi temperature dedicated warehousing and distribution, product storage; order picking; dynamic transport planning; daily delivery to 350 stores; a customer service department; allocation planning; purchasing products on behalf of BP; Invoice matching; Perpetual Inventory; and the supply and maintenance of Warehouse Management systems.

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