Truck shortage fears in face of LEZ deadline

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Some lorry operators are struggling to obtain new vehicles ahead of the February 2008 deadline for the London Low Emission Zone, according to the Freight Transport Association.
With the 4 February 2008 deadline for vehicles over 12 tonnes to be compliant with the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) by meeting the Euro 3 standard for particulate matter, a number of operators who have decided to replace rather than modify their trucks, or reorganise their fleets, are finding that some delivery times are now stretching forward into 2008.
The FTA says investigations indicate that this is a problem for large and small companies alike, some of which are now being told their vehicles will not be ready until the end of 2008. Rising demand from Eastern Europe and problems with some of the vehicle components have put a squeeze on supplies of some new vehicles.
However, since early September, operators of certain Euro 1 and 2 vehicles that are on TfL’s approved engines list have been getting Low Emissions Certificates after passing an extra smoke test.
More than 300 such certificates have been issued, with all VOSA test stations able to carry out the tests either separately or at the same time as MOT tests.

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