Three new forklifts from Jungheinrich

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Jungheinrich has launched three new vehicles including a hydrostatic counterbalanced truck, a powered pallet truck, and a forklift steering wheel designed so that operating levers for the truck’s mast and forks are no longer required.
Sales of hydrostatic engine trucks currently account for around one third of the counterbalanced truck market with sales of conventional torque-converter trucks making up the rest of the market.
“A hydrostatic truck is the ideal product for applications where a lot of shuttling work is involved – such as lorry loading and unloading within and around a busy warehouse or factory environment,” said Dr Tobias Harzer, head of product management and product marketing for counterbalance trucks.
The new hydrostatic drive model – the VFG 425-435s – is capable of lifting loads up to 3500 kg up to heights of 7.5 metres and is available in both LPG and diesel versions.
Because hydrostatic drive technology has only a few mechanical components, the trucks are low maintenance and easier to service. As a result, truck downtime is kept to a minimum and whole life operating costs are low.
Jungheinrich has also gone into production with its JetPilot multi-function forklift steering wheel which has been designed to allow all main operational functions – including travel direction, mast lifting and lowering, sideshift and tilt – to be integrated into the steering wheel. It means that operating levers for the truck’s mast and forks are no longer required.
Jungheinrich worked with Germany’s Kiel University to achieve the most ergonomically efficient design for the JetPilot. By integrating the truck’s operating levers within a multifunction steering wheel, it has created improved legroom for the operator and a more spacious cab with extra designated storage areas where an operator can safely keep personal possessions as well as the tools he or she may need during his or her day-to-day work routine.
The third launch is a powered pallet truck. Available from this Autumn, the ERE 225 has a fixed stand-on platform and is equipped with third generation AC technology as standard. The new model was specially developed for fast and efficient lorry loading and unloading and for transporting heavy loads over longer distances. It can achieve top speeds up to 12.5 km/h and can transport loads weighing up to 2,500 kg.
“There is an obvious trend towards ride-on operation trucks with a fixed platform instead of a flip-up platform,” said Craig Johnson, Jungheinrich UK’s marketing manager.

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