TDG is first logistics provider to pilot BSI standard

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The world’s first British standard for business continuity management, BS 25999, has been drawn up by BSI Management Systems, to help companies cope with disruptions to their operations in the event of a national disaster. TDG is one of five businesses which have been chosen to pilot the new standard.
The standard, scheduled for launch this November, is designed to keep businesses going during the most challenging and unexpected circumstances: protecting staff, preserving reputation and providing the ability for organisations to continue to operate and trade. This is a challenge which has been very much in the news recently with extreme weather, threatened epidemics, terrorist action and financial collapse.
“We’re hugely impressed with TDG for its commitment,” said Julian Thrussell, BS 25999 product manager, BSI. “We rely on companies like them to act as test cases so we can see how these standards can be applied in the real world. It’s down to people like TDG’s operations team, being proactive with us and working through the issues. By using this feedback, we can see what worked, what didn’t and so make new standards clearer for everyone.”
Simon Beesley of TDG said: “If a supply chain partner has no effective plan in place to manage an incident, the resultant disruption can directly affect the ability of the whole business to meet its targets. We anticipate that in the future businesses will increasingly rely on suppliers to formally demonstrate effective business continuity planning as a minimum requirement which is why were keen to be part of this BSI pilot.”

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