DHL wins £100m contract with retail giant

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DHL has won a £100 million, five year contract with retailer TK Maxx. DHL has run transport operations for the retailer in the UK for the past 12 years.
Alan Porte, senior vice president, Distribution Services, TK Maxx said: “This is the biggest and longest contract TK Maxx has ever signed. The decision was made to enable us to guarantee a reliable partner with specialist industry knowledge to manage the transition of our network into a new and improved supply chain, where product flows better and quicker into stores.”
The contract also addresses environmental issues, stipulating that both companies will work together to improve the environmental impact of their operations.
“The fashion industry is now aware of the consumer’s need for retailers to act responsibly and we take this very seriously. The new clause makes it clear that both DHL and TK Maxx are committed to working toward reducing the supply chain’s impact on the environment and continually evaluating their social responsibility standards,” said Porte.

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