Welcome for hard shoulder plan

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The government has decided to extend its hard shoulder running experiment on the M42 is to other motorways.
Geoff Dossetter the Freight Transport Association’s director of external affairs, said: “The M42 Active Traffic Management scheme operated since September last year, and the ability to safely switch hard shoulder running on and off, seems to have been a very positive success with reduced congestion, reduced journey times and reduced accidents. It is a sensible means of making the most of the roads network that we already have. It has made an important contribution to improving journey time reliability for commercial vehicle operators. Replicating the scheme elsewhere – and quickly – clearly makes sense.”
However, Dossetter warned: “An efficient transport network is a pre-requisite of our twenty-first century economy and culture and the Government simply must commit to improving our roads infrastructure by widening existing motorways and building new roads to meet our needs. Road users as a whole are contributing over £44 billion each year to the Exchequer with only around £7 billion re-invested in the network. Roads investment must be increased.”

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