Landfill directive looms for logistics operators

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Logistics and transport operators must act fast if they are to stay ahead of the new waste regulations of the Landfill Directive, which come into effect on 30th October.
The cost of commercial waste is expected to rise sharply in the coming years and waste contractors will have to pass these costs onto their customers. By 2010 landfill tax will have risen to £48 per tonne from its current £24 per tonne.
Simon Taylor of waste processing company Mil-tek Direct, said many logistics operators are completely unaware of the new regulations and how they might affect their business. “These new regulations will affect every commercial business in England and Wales and operators can easily comply but they must take action now.  Although we are well used to separating waste as consumers, many businesses are still just bagging and binning their waste, especially office or administrative waste.  From October 30th this has to stop as all businesses must show that they have ‘pre-treated’ their waste.  Pre-treatment means that they must separate out recyclable waste and treat it appropriately.  Logistics operators also need to examine how they can back load vehicles with delivered cardboard outers/wrappers for base recycling,” said Taylor.

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