The Dentressangle story

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Norbert Dentressangle created SA Norbert Dentressangle, specialising in cross-channel traffic, in 1979 and by 1987 it had built up a network of branches in Italy, Spain and the Benelux countries.

Between 1988 – 1993 the group acquired 30 companies, reinforcing its presence in France. It floated on the French stock exchange in June 1994.

It started developing its logistics activities in 1997 with the acquisitions of two French logistics companies: Confluent and UTL.

In 2005 it launched a three-year development plan “Challenge 2008” which outlined the reinforcement of its international presence, the integration of sustainable development practices and the expansion of the service range to include new business activities.

Further acquisitions have followed, notably the logistics activities and part of the transport activities of TNT Logistics France, putting it in second place in the French logistics market.

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