DHL promotes airport logistics

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The number of passengers going through the world’s airports is predicted to double by 2020 and many airports are currently undergoing massive infrastructure change programmes to meet this growth, according to research by DHL Exel Supply Chain.

It argues that airport logistics offer a way to improving inbound and outbound operations and flow management in some of the world’s busiest airports.

The top five challenges identified in the research were: delivering growth; ensuring maximum security in a period of heightened terrorism threats; adhering to government regulations and legislation; remaining competitive; and maintaining and upgrading infrastructure to meet growing demand.

DHL said its research revealed that these issues exist in airports across Europe at a time when they are also starting to adopt a more commercial outlook for their business models.

The importance of the supply chain and logistics structure in supporting this is increasing and becoming recognise as an area that can bring potential future benefits, particularly in terms of product availability and speed of response.

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