Rentokil Initial picks TDG

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Rentokil Initial has chosen TDG to be the sole carrier for UK-wide distribution its pest control and washroom products.

Rentokil Initial supplies retailers such as Sainsbury’s, B&Q and ASDA with air fresheners, paper towels and soap for their staff and customer facilities. Until recently, it used 13 carriers plus some in-house fleet to carry out deliveries, but this had become difficult to control and urgent consignments and overnight stays for drivers were attracting additional costs.

TDG’s now manages all Rentokil Initial’s pallet distribution on its ADR Pallet Network. A stand trailer is dropped off at the customer’s Liverpool production site in the morning, filled with product during the day, and then collected for onward distribution of product the next day.

“We’re looking for at least 98 per cent on time and in full delivery from TDG,” said Ian Shepherd, managing director at Rentokil Initial Supplies. “And we’re confident they can deliver that – they’ve got a similar culture of continuous improvement and dealing with this kind of product is their core competence.”

Over a year, TDG will distribute 10,000 pallets for Rentokil Initial. Dedicated vehicles will be used to handle urgent consignments on a same day basis.

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