Shippers don’t trust carriers to provide accurate data

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Most shippers entering into rate negotiations with shipping lines would not trust a price index created from data supplied by the lines themselves, according to a poll carried out by

Dr Andrew Traill of Shipper’s Voice said: “The poll is only a small one at the moment and we are still collecting responses, but it seems to be revealing a degree of scepticism about the proposed development of price indices by the carriers’ group ELAA.

“Shippers seem to think that lines might offer their highest, rather than average, rate increase for inclusion in the index – to raise the general benchmark for negotiations. A larger response to our poll would be useful to verify these early results. Much will depend of course on just how the ELAA proposals would work, but this highlights a level of distrust among shippers in the liner shipping industry, which will need to be addressed by the ELAA if its plans do come to be realised.”

The Shipper’s Voice networking website for shippers was launched only last month but is already attracting visitors from all over the world. Shippers need to be registered to complete the (short) polls and enter the forums and discussions. Non-shippers are also welcome to register and join in the forums.


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