70 specially designed swap-bodies for WH Malcolm

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The Cartwright Group has supplied WH Malcolm with 70 specially-designed intermodal swap bodies. The special tapered swap body fits on a slim base for use on the railways and the design gives Malcolm’s the ability to carry a design payload of 27,000kg of gypsum in each trailer.

Each body is being used as part of the contract Malcolm’s has with British Plasterboard to transfer gypsum from a mine at Kirkby Thore, Cumbria, up to Glasgow. Empty swap bodies are taken by rail into the Kirkby Thore mine, filled with gypsum and then taken by rail at Glasgow. At Glasgow, these swap bodies are then lifted onto skeletal road trailers for road distribution.
By creating a tapered design for the pioneering intermodal Swap Body C25, Cartwright has ensured that they can use the maximum possible height for rail tunnels on W6A (W7) gauge lines running between Kirkby Thore and Glasgow.

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