Acquisition boost for Ramage

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Acquisition of UFD in July has enabled the Ramage Group to cut costs and almost triple turnover to £35m.

Depots at Cambuslang and Warrington have been closed with staff and business being transferred to existing Ramage depots at Glespin and Wigan respectively.

Since July, the combined fleet of vehicles and trailers has also been reduced substantially. Both companies were operating in similar areas and in many instances a single vehicle is now able to cater for clients which were previously being served by the two companies independently.

The efficiencies created by the acquisition have meant the combined trailer fleet has been reduced by 49 per cent, the combined tractor fleet has been scaled back by 47 per cent and the combined rigid vehicle fleet has been cut by 31 per cent.

The combined workforce has been reduced by 20 per cent to 430.

Neil Cunningham, chairman & chief executive of Ramage Group said: “UFD and Ramage were serving many common customers. The acquisition has meant we are able to use fewer vehicles and trailers under a single banner to provide the same level of service. This will deliver very substantial cost savings in 2008.”

Mr Cunningham said the purchase of UFD also gave Ramage a greater national footprint by giving it operating bases in new areas such as Aberdeen, Bristol and Glenrothes.

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