Bevan launches eco-bodies to help CV fleets cut carbon impact

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Bevan Group has launched a range of environmentally-friendly, 100 per cent recyclable eco-bodies for trucks and vans.

The range is available from 3.5 to 32 tonnes and boasts an increased payload potential of nearly a third.

The company has used pre-painted polypropylene (Omnia) panels rather than glass reinforced plastic or other cored sandwich panels.

Bevan says energy is saved during the panel production. The lightweight panels are made up of polypropylene, a thermoplastic that can be melted and reused, and glass fibres that help strengthen the polypropylene.

The first company to order the eco-bodies is SRCL, the healthcare waste management company. The company has bought LDV Maxus chassis with 3.5 tonne Luton bodies as part of a rolling contract to replace its 100-strong fleet.

Bevan says the lightweight LDV Maxus chassis will help improve fuel savings as it will reduce fuel consumption by 0.3L/100km per 100kg. This means for a service life of 180,000km 1,177 litres of fuel can be saved, reducing emissions by 7.5 per cent.

Laurence Mullikin, fleet manager, said: “It was an added bonus being able to embrace Bevan Group’s eco-friendly technology in a product that has many regulatory demands being placed upon it. It has enabled us to identify the eco-benefits of these vehicles in both procurement and operation and then pass that information on to our customers who are now demanding such information as a matter of course.”

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