Time to fit a filter?

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Both short and long term exposure to particulate matter can cause respiratory and cardiovascular illness and even death. Pyroban Envirosafe has developed a diesel particulate filter system, designed to reduce particulate matter in exhaust emissions by up to 95 per cent, while lowering carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon levels by up to 99 per cent.

The Acti-Trap system works by taking catalysts and wall-flow filter technology and combining it with a sophisticated control system to create an Active regeneration system – which can burn off the trapped soot particulate.

“A forklift doesn’t have to be new to be green”, says Jim Maloney of Pyroban Envirosafe. “There are several ways to reduce harmful emissions such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, NOx and soot particulates even on the dirtiest old engines.”

It was with this system that the company reached the finals of the Environment category at the Fork Lift Truck Association’s awards earlier this year.

Maloney says: “The biggest problem with standard particulate filter systems is that they need heat to regenerate and burn-off the carbon deposits which is why we developed Acti-trap. Ground handling equipment at airports, handling equipment at the ports, terminals and other logistics operations may, in some cases, only be used for very short periods at a time so that the exhaust system never actually gets that hot. Acti-trap works as a catalyst and filter combination and its intelligent Electronic Control System and ‘active ingredient’ ensures temperatures are high enough for the chemical reaction to take place, even during low duty or speed.”

The company’s catalyst and particulate filter systems can be retro-fitted to new or existing diesel or LPG machines. Acti-Trap is suitable for naturally aspirated engines up to six litres in size, operating ultra-low sulphur diesel.

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