Which route is the greenest?

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  • Biomass fuels – sourced from agricultural by-products such as straw, forestry by-products, residues from agro-processing of crops and energy crops that have been specifically grown as energy carriers.
  • Bio diesel – made up of Methyl Esters – is produced from biomass sources, is sulphur-free and biodegradable and increases the life of catalytic converters. Its non-toxic and can be used as a pure fuel or mixed with mineral diesel.
  • Biogas – renewable fuel primarily produced from waste treatment. Created from biological break-down of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. It produces no net carbon emissions and the technology exists to convert natural gas-fuelled engines to run on biogas.
  • Bio ethanol – one of the two major bio-fuels produced in the European Union. It can be produced from corn, sugar cane, and agricultural waste.
  • Bio-methanol – can be made from various biomass sources such as wood and coal.

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