FTA calls for heavier lorries

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The FTA has called for the introduction of longer and heavier lorries in the UK at a conference on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology held in Paris for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Speaking at the event, Chris Yarsley, manager of road freight enforcement policy at the FTA, said more efficient road transport, utilising longer, heavier lorries would enable extra goods to be carried on fewer lorries, helping to reduce environmental impact and lower transport costs.

“Based on the substitution of one LHV for two of the current maximum weight 44 tonne vehicles, the calculated carbon dioxide saving is about 30 per cent.”

He also assured that heavier trucks would create no greater wear to roads or bridges as the additional weight would be spread across a greater number of axles.

He referred to the research report commissioned by the UK Department for Transport, which is likely to discuss the benefits and problems of these types of vehicles.

The report, due for publication nine months ago, is now expected to be published at the end of July.

The FTA also called for the Department of Transport to permit a number of “responsible” firms to carry out trials under carefully controlled and monitored conditions, at their own expense.

Yarsley added: “We must not be beguiled by blind prejudice against longer and heavier vehicles without looking at the actual evidence produced by practical trials. The UK Government should publish the report it commissioned, and authorise road trials of these vehicles as soon as possible.”


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