TDG confirms environmental standpoint

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TDG is introducing a series of initiatives to support its environment policy statement published earlier in the year, which will look at preventing pollution, improving efficiency, reducing the burden and checking progress.

The logistics company has already started to measure and assess the carbon footprint of existing customers’ business, and is currently developing a ratings scheme to gauge the environmental performance of its transport and storage solutions.

TDG has also issued four ‘what you can do’ leaflets for its employees, illustrating how they can save resources and money at work and at home, choose the right product for a job and how to dispose of waste responsibly.

Ronald Daalmans, environmental manager at TDG, said: “Getting goods to where they need to be, at the right time, keeps our economy moving, but we’re very aware that our warehouses and our fleet of vehicles have an environmental impact.

“Our aim is to manage our activities so that this impact, and to some extent, that of our customers’, is minimised and reduced over time.”

Leaflets can be viewed at

* Elsewhere, TDG has opened a new transhipment centre at its Welkenraedt site in Belgium, following a £4.6 million investment.

The 10,000 sq m extension is designed to handle the additional transport activity created by a period of growth in TDG’s Northern European operations.

In the coming weeks an automated link using driverless forklift trucks is going to be introduced to manage the movement of goods from the storage area to the transhipment facility.

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