Little change in port traffic

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Total freight traffic through UK ports was 581.1 million tonnes last year, according to figures from the Department for Transport – little changed from 2006.

Inwards traffic fell by 7.1m tonnes to 358m tonnes, while outwards traffic rose by 4.5m tonnes to 223.1m tonnes.

Since 1987 total traffic has risen by 109m tonnes (23 per cent) mainly as a result of the growth in imports. Inward traffic increased by 111m tonnes (45 per cent) while outward traffic was almost unchanged over the period.

Liquid bulk traffic accounted for 44 per cent of the total while dry bulk and other general cargo was 27 per cent. Container traffic accounted for 11 per cent while and ro-ro 18 per cent.

Grimsby and Immingham (pictured) accounts for the largest tonnage of cargo with 66.2 m tonnes – 2.2 m tonnes higher than in 2006.

Top ten ports (million tonnes):

Grimsby and Immingham: 66.2
London: 52.7
Tees and Hartlepool: 49.8
Southampton: 43.3
Forth: 36.7
Milford Haven: 35.5
Liverpool: 32.3
Felixstowe: 25.7
Dover: 25.1
Sullom Voe: 16.6

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