FTA supports Scottish fuel duty proposal

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The FTA has welcomed plans by the Scottish National Party to amend the Finance Bill and freeze or reduce fuel duty in order to compensate for increasing oil prices.

However, talking in the Scottish Parliament last night Andrew Haines, president of the FTA, said that while these changes would be helpful, a more long term solution was needed and more substantial changes should be made to the tax process.

He reiterated that fuel duty in the UK must to be halved in order to bring it in line with the rest of Europe.

“The SNP proposed amendment to the Finance Bill would help the Scottish haulage industry and the economy.  We are clearly supportive of this.  But we must ensure that the government does not believe their work is finished by accepting it.  True parity for operators in Europe must remain a priority – even in Scotland.”

The FTA has been working with the Treasury to find ways to lessen the burden for commercial users and has commissioned a report commissioned from PricewaterhouseCoopers which is to be presented to the chancellor.

The FTA has also been in touch with the prime minister urging him to take action.

Referring to last week’s protests he added: “’Despite the understandable frustration of our members, it is important to engage the issues constructively and FTA has worked assiduously with the Treasury in order to seek a solution. You will not find me or my colleagues chained to the railings at Westminster, preferring instead to fight the issues intelligently, with incontrovertible facts and proposals.”

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