Scrap diesel duty increase

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The chancellor has done “nothing” to help alleviate the problem of rocketing diesel prices, says the FTA.

The trade organisation is now imploring the government to scrap the proposed two pence per litre increase in diesel duty planned for October, together with similar increases planned for 2009 and 2010.

The renewed protest follows the FTA’s National Council meeting held on 1st July in which many lorry operators said they were now finding it “extremely difficult” to manage.

If costs continue to rise many said moving some goods would become prohibitive and “simply not worthwhile”.

James Hookham, director of policy at the FTA, said, “We acknowledge that the government cannot control the world price of oil.  But it can re-think its policy on diesel duty.  In the present cost environment, the chancellor would be daft to impose the two pence duty increase, or the other increases planned for April 2009 and April 2010.

‘The Freight Transport Association and the whole of UK industry calls on the government to recognise these massive problems.  To date, the chancellor has done nothing to support industry apart from ‘postponing’ the two pence fuel duty increase from April until October this year. 

“That is absolutely not good enough.  He must certainly take early action to reduce diesel duty for industry – but in the mean time he must immediately announce the scrapping of the present proposals for duty increases this year, next year and the year after.”

Yesterday, hundreds of hauliers took to the streets in protest of the impending fuel duty increase; however the FTA was not present as it does not approve of protests as they “disrupts” roads and deliveries.

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