DHL keeps large pallets in order

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DHL has installed a pallet measuring system from Mettler Toledo Cargoscan at its International Gateway in London Colney to improve efficiency.

The system is designed specifically for large pallets, helping to ensure they are accurately weighed, measured and scanned.

Angus MacDougall, manager at DHL’s International Gateway, said: “While measuring smaller parcels is standard practice in the transport and logistics industries, measuring large pallets is often very difficult using conventional technology, so their dimensions often have to be manually measured and recorded. This is obviously a time-consuming process and is not cost-effective.”

The CSN840 Pallet unit is able to handle around 200 pallets an hour and claims to work with almost any kind of pallet, including those with dark or glossy surfaces, processing each one in less than five seconds.

The operator has full control of the system and is able to see a graphical interface showing the measuring process in real time, as well as all historical data on-screen. The system also allows invoicing to be carried out more quickly.

The overhead dimensional scanners can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted, helping to increase flexibility.

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