£1/4m extension for APC Overnight

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APC Overnight has invested £250,000 in extending its national sortation centre at Essington near Wolverhampton.

The company has increased the sorting area by 50 per cent with the addition of an 80m x 30m mezzanine floor, which is serviced by five lifts designed to deliver parcel cages in less than 40 seconds.

APC Overnight now has room to allocate a specific area for each type of business, including the M Sort area for local Midlands-based deliveries, in a bid to streamline and speed up the sortation process.

Ivor Skinner, director of APC Overnight, said: “This investment allows us to create a dedicated area for MailPacks and CourierPacks, which makes perfect sense for the entire operation. These consignments are often the most time sensitive, so now we can segregate them on arrival and take them straight up to the mezzanine to be processed.”

The company has also devoted an area on the mezzanine level to its Security Freight System, which handles valuable items, such as laptops. All parcels travel in separate sealed cages and are hand-scanned using a camera-based system before being sorted and resealed into cages for delivery.

In addition, the company has installed a 1,400 sq m weatherproof canopy over its unloading bays.

The canopy is free of vertical supports to allow vehicles and staff to move around freely, and is designed to be lightweight yet flexible in order to withstand adverse weather conditions.

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