Heavy loads from Nissan

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Nissan has introduced its latest IC engine-powered GX series for heavy loads. The truck is available in TB45 LPG and TD42 diesel engines and is available in 3.5 up to 5.0 tonne capacities all at 600mm load centre.

The truck is designed for heavy duty operations in areas such as harbour transport, construction, recycling and bottling industries.

The GX engines have been designed to provide optimum fuel consumption in high performance applications. The ECCS LPG engine has a three-way catalyst with closed loop as standard.

The LPG model features an ECO-switch, which gives the operator the choice of setting the truck for standard performance or for even greater fuel savings.

It also features an optional ground speed control switch, so that a predetermined maximum speed can be selected, based on operator skill level or operational requirements.

Nissan’s vehicle control module monitors and displays the status of the truck including travel speed and engine state, via an LCD display.

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