Top technology drives efficiency

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Technological developments are also having an impact on the market. NFT’s David Frankish says: “Technology can provide further cost efficiencies and continue to enhance customer service. For example, we recently introduced Masternaut’s Three-X system, which uses GPS technology to track vehicles on their journey. This allows drivers to give real-time updates to our transport operating system (TASC) through hand-held devices, which can then be communicated to our customers as appropriate.

“Also developments to minimise the impact of logistics operations on the environment, from transport planning measures to reducing empty running to new vehicle designs and the use of alternative greener fuels.

Iain Speak of Bibby says: “In some ways nothing has changed in all my years in this business. Technology has and will continue to positively impact on the way we go about delivering services and running our operations and we have to embrace at every opportunity, but its still about people, team work, integrity, trust and relationships. It’s all very well having convoluted “blue sky” ideas but making it happen and making it happen well and continuing to improve in whatever you do relies upon motivated, enthusiastic, intelligent and creative people”

Efficiency and innovation are also important in driving development in the pallet sector. Parcelforce’s Michael Conroy says: “Our commitment is demonstrated by the facility we are about to open at Burton on Trent, designed to improve efficiencies and providing an ideal long term base for our quality driven service offer.

“Superior management information and improving IT systems is as important as the efficiency of the pallet network concept itself.”

He also points out that networks need to continue to expand. “Our continued growth will be fuelled by expanding our membership base, with an objective of enhancing the network with additional high quality like minded operators.”

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