Sweet deal for IPP Logipal

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Tangerine Confectionery has signed a deal with IPP Logipal to deliver its products to retailers across the UK and Ireland via the company’s one-way pallet service.

Under the agreement IPP Logipal will make more than a quarter of a million pallet trips a year, carrying out daily deliveries from its depots in Widnes, Newport and Nuneaton to the sweet manufacturer’s seven distribution centres.

Tangerine recently acquired Monkhill from Cadbury, so along with Mojo chews, Taveners Proper Sweets and Princess Marshmallows the company’s product portfolio now includes Butterkist popcorn and Barratt Sherbet Fountains.

John Smith, group supply chain manager at Tangerine, said: “Following a number of acquisitions in the last few years our brand has grown significantly, which has resulted in increased activity in our supply chain.

“Having previously used a mixture of pallet providers, we looked into sourcing this to a single supplier. We established that IPP Logipal’s competitive price and ability to deliver bespoke solutions to a geographically fragmented customer base, regardless of size, was an unbeatable combination.”

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