900 jobs lost as Amtrak closes

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Express parcel carrier Amtrak has ceased trading and is now being wound down causing more than 900 job losses.

Joint administrators from Ernst & Young LLP were appointed by the directors of Netfold Limited, which trades as Amtrak, on Friday 22nd August.

A spokesperson from Ernst & Young said: “Amtrak has found trading in the current economic climate challenging. It is a business led by consumer demand and as consumer spending power has weakened Amtrak’s business has suffered.”

Amtrak had 36 distribution depot locations across the UK, with two sortation centres based in Aldridge in the West Midlands and Warrington.

The company’s franchised network operated a 1,000-strong fleet of local delivery vehicles used for the distribution of parcels to customers and 300 trunk vehicles for taking parcels between the hubs and the depot locations.

Amtrak competitor Business Post has been appointed to deliver any outstanding parcels on behalf of the company.

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