Allport Cargo Services to cut single-use plastic

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Allport Cargo Services is to reduce single-use plastics across its business by 2021, replacing it with sustainable alternatives, with a view to eliminating its use altogether.

Allport said it was already beginning to remove 51, 000 single-use plastic seals that are used on its fleet, retrofitting vehicles with static security combination locks that generate random codes for each load. In warehouses, brown plastic packing tape is being replaced with a paper-based alternative.

Clyde Buntrock, chief executive at Allport Cargo Services, said: “This is not a perfect science, and we are not claiming to be complete on day one, but as a directional strategy as part of EV Cargo’s wider environmental targets, our aim is to relentlessly and realistically avoid single-use plastic in our daily operations.”

ACS has also introduced 16 initiatives to support the execution of the policy across the business, including replacing plastic food-related items, plastic stationary and IT equipment, amongst introducing alternatives for other office items.

Buntrock said: “Many of our clients in the fashion, retail and consumer goods industries are already taking action to reduce single-use plastics and we are working with them to ensure this also carries through into their logistics and supply chain. We are seeing customers voting with their feet and opting to support companies that embrace the reduction of single-use plastics.”

By Michelle Mooney

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