Amazon Prime to begin drone deliveries

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Amazon is soon set to make its first drone deliveries in the US after a decade of preparations. 

The ‘Amazon Air’ deliveries will begin in Lockeford, California.

The drones differ from regular models, which would require a manual, visual observer to ensure they do not fly into surrounding objects.

The Amazon drones have been made to have an in-built ‘sense-and-avoid’ system which will allow the flying of the drone without visual observers, meaning the delivery drones will be able to make deliveries over a larger distance.

The drones are able to identify the difference between a static object and a moving one such as an aircraft. If the drones come into close contact with another object, they will automatically change course.

For items ordered which can be delivered by drone, Amazon Air will fly to a designated delivery location and drop off the package or hover at a height for the customer to grab the package.

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