Amazon robotics for new Warrington site

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Amazon is to open a fulfilment centre in Warrington in the autumn which will use robot technology as well as creating 1,200 permanent jobs.

Warrington is one of four new fulfilment centres that Amazon will open in 2017. It opened a site at Daventry in February and plans to open at Doncaster, Warrington and Tilbury in the autumn. And it is planning a dedicated receive centre for Coventry in 2018.

Robots in use at Amazon.

Robots in use at Amazon.

Both the Warrington and Tilbury fulfilment centres will be equipped with Amazon robotics technology. The robots slide under a tower of shelves where products are stowed, lift it and move it through the fulfilment centre.

Stefano Perego, director of UK customer fulfilment, said: “The Amazon teams are dedicated to innovating in our fulfilment centres to increase efficiency of delivery while enabling greater selection at lower costs for our customers. The introduction of Amazon Robotics in Warrington and Tilbury is the latest example of our commitment to invention in logistics on behalf of our employees and our customers.”

Amazon will also open its first dedicated UK receive centre in Coventry in 2018. This will act as a central hub to receive and sort millions of products sold on each year. Recruitment for Coventry will begin in 2018 and will create 1,650 full time permanent jobs.

It will begin recruiting later this year for a range of new roles, including operations managers, engineers, HR and IT specialists. Amazon said all fulfilment centre employees start on £7.65 an hour or more. This increases over their first two years of employment when all employees earn £8.15 an hour or more.

Amazon currently has 12 fulfilment centres in the UK, including Doncaster, Coalville (Leicestershire), Daventry, Dunfermline, Dunstable, Gourock, Hemel Hempstead, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Peterborough, Rugeley and Swansea Bay.

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