Artificial intelligence could prevent £144m of food waste annually

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Blue Yonder predicts that artificial intelligence and machine learning could help the UK’s eight largest grocery stores prevent £144m of food waste every year.

An average of seven tonnes may be prevented from going to landfills, representing a positive step in the grocery industry’s fight against unnecessary food waste.

AI and machine learning can drive sustainability by helping retailers better understand data on trends, and therefore make better decisions. Understanding this data will help food retailers to hit a balance in food stock sufficient enough to satisfy demand, while also reducing excess stock that could go to waste.

Michael Feindt, founder and chief scientist at Blue Yonder said: “Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it could really make-or-break grocery retailers over the coming years.

“Retailers know they must take serious action; using AI and ML across their supply chains provides a tangible way for them to cut food waste.

Enabling grocery retailers to make more intelligent, data-driven, decisions, can put them on the road to significant environmental and financial savings.”

By Michelle Mooney

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