BMW Group targets zero emission shipping by 2030

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BMW Group has set a target of using zero-emission cargo vessels from 2030, as part of a wider pledge to reduce emissions across its value chain.

The German car manufacturer said that maritime transport currently accounts for half of the CO2 emissions across its transport chain, and it wanted to achieve a total elimination of carbon emissions by using carbon-free fuels and new propulsion systems as well as optimising energy efficiency.

Jürgen Maidl, senior vice-president, production network and supply chain management at BMW Group, said: “Maritime transport is crucial for supplying the BMW Group’s international manufacturing network and for the global distribution of vehicles.”

To help achieve its aims the company has joined the Getting to Zero Coalition, a partnership between the Global Maritime Forum, the Friends of Ocean Action and the World Economic Form.

Maidl added: “We see the Getting to Zero Coalition of various governments, companies and other cross-sector stakeholders as a unique opportunity to continuously minimise carbon emissions in the maritime sector as well”



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