BMW introduces fully electric vehicle for deliveries

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BMW has taken delivert of an electric truck from Dutch manufacturer Terberg that will be used to transport vehicle parts from Scherm group logistics centre to the BMW plant in Munich.

Introduction of the 40-ton vehicle follows test drives. It will operate eight times a day, transporting vehicle components, including shock absorbers, springs and steering systems.

Charged with electricity from renewable sources, along with an alternative driveline, means the 40-ton truck is CO2-free, quiet and generates almost no fine particle pollution. It has a four-hour charge time, which provides 100km range. It is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 11.8 tons per year, compared to its diesel equivalent.

Kurt J. F. Scherm, CEO of the Scherm group, said: “As a supplier of transport solutions, it is especially important to us to offer sustainable transport. The electric truck is the first step towards CO2-reduced transport logistics. In addition, this innovative truck is charged with 100 per cent green energy.“

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