British lorry drivers gain 12lbs a year

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A new survey suggests that lorry drivers who don’t have an active personal life gain on average 12lbs a year by consuming almost 4,000 calories a day in snacks, junk food and fizzy drinks, while out on the road.

The research by covered 804 British lorry drivers and found that gaining weight was identified as a problem by 26 per cent.

All respondents were asked to estimate how many calories they consumed a day. The average was revealed to be 3,970 calories per day, which is between 1,170 and 1,670 more than the recommended daily amount.

And all respondents were asked to estimate how much their weight had changed in the last year. Taking all answers into account, it was found that the average respondent had gained 12lbs.

Some 94 per cent said that they struggled to find healthy options while out driving.

The top five go-to foods were:

  1. Snacks, i.e. crisps, chocolate and sweets – 79 per cent
  2. Energy drinks and fizzy drinks – 64 per cent
  3. Full English breakfasts – 56 per cent
  4. Fast food / takeaways – 44 per cent
  5. Microwave ready meals – 40 per cent

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