C.H. Robinson set to invest $1bn in supply chain tech

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Logistics platform provider C.H. Robison is aiming to reshape UK supply chains with an investment in technology of $1 billion.

The company currently works with more than 1,000 data scientists, engineers and developers and is pledging to further invest in technology to grow its global talents to use data to address various logistics problems.

C.H. Robinson currently has a partnership with the Microsoft Corporation which combines its Navisphere platform with the multinational technology company’s Azure cloud platform and Internet of Things.

It has also launched a new technology centre in Cork to further deliver customised solutions for shippers and carriers, and plans to recruit a significant number of technology professionals in the next three years.

“For too long, companies have relied on historical data to predict how they should operate. However, what happened just a year ago, or even a few months ago isn’t the same today. For example, existing historical models would not have predicted the explosion in e-commerce we’ve witnessed over the past couple of years”, said Fave Fraas, Director of Software Engineering at C.H. Robinson explained.

“The pandemic called into question how much faith we should put in historical data, highlighted the urgent need for innovation in the supply chain and placed a greater reliance on the likes of AI and the Internet of Things to help predict the unpredictable.”

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