Calais becoming a ‘war zone’, says RHA chief

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RHA chief executive Richard Burnett has said that time is running out for UK-bound hauliers at Calais.

“We have today received photographs from a haulier on his way to the Port of Calais that clearly show that Calais and its approach roads are, quite literally, becoming a war zone,” said Burnett.

“Despite this, the French authorities still are not taking the action that is now desperately needed and action that the thousands of hauliers using this vital trade route are desperate for.”

Burnett also said that the RHA has already warned operators to make sure their drivers know not to stop within at least 100 miles of Calais.

He added: “These drivers want no more than to do their job, unhindered and in safety. This is not happening. We are demanding that the French government responds to our call to deploy its Army as a matter of extreme urgency.

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