Cargo plan for Peruvian Wharf

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Peruvian Wharf in Newham is set to return to cargo operations after being acquired by the Port of London Authority.

“We’ve fought long and hard to get Peruvian Wharf back into use,” said PLA chief executive, Robin Mortimer. “It’s ideally placed to service East London’s growth, underlining the importance of retaining strategically located sites for cargo handling.”

The wharf, which costs the PLA some £3 million, will be developed as a centre for low-carbon transport of building materials in East London. The wharf has been protected since 1997 under the Mayor of London’s policy to safeguard strategically placed wharves for cargo handling. The PLA completed the acquisition of the site after a long battle over the wharf’s planning status, subsequently acquiring the site when the former landowner didn’t reactivate it for cargo-handling.

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