Cargotec partners with SSAB for a ‘fossil-free’ steel in cargo supply chain

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Cargotec and SSAB have partnered to work on the introduction of fossil-free steel to the cargo industry.

The partnership represents a step towards more sustainable logistics practices in the steel handling supply chain, and a ‘fossil-free’ product offering.

Mika Vehviläinen, CEO of Cargotec said:“ I am proud that we are paving the way in the cargo handling industry through commitment to using fossil-free steel and have this unique opportunity to work with a forerunner in fossil-free steel development. This is an important step towards our vision of becoming a leader in sustainable cargo flow.”

Steel and steel components are the main contributors for CO2 emissions at Cargotec’s scope 3 supply chain upstream emissions. The total CO2 footprint comprises upstream emissions, which account for more than a third of Cargotec’s total emissions,  emissions from own operations (scope 1 and 2), and emissions from the use-phase of the products (scope 3 downstream).

‘Fossil-free’ steel has lower environmental impact and therefore, contributes towards a lower carbon . It has  been estimated that steel demand will increase in the future and hence, meeting this demand requires development and usage of fossil-free steel alternatives.

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