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Ahead of the 25th Supply Chain Excellence Awards, LogisticsManager.com caught up with PEOPLE, nominee in the Sustainability category at the Awards.

Taking place on 8th November at the Hilton on Park Lane in London, the Supply Chain Excellence Awards are set to be a night of celebration, as the best in the logistics industry gather together on this very special 25th Anniversary.

How does it feel to have been shortlisted for a Supply Chain Excellence Award?
Our team is very proud about this announcement; to us, it is a confirmation that we are going in the right direction and that the green innovations we are offering to the industry and to the world are being noticed and supported by the experts of the industry. It is very motivating for our team to receive this recognition in our first year of launch on the market. Congrats to the Supply Excellence Awards team for organising this outstanding event and giving the opportunity to any company to present their solutions, and at the same time inform the industry players about the solutions available to help achieving their sustainable goals and do one more step towards to our goal to get from 51 billion tons to zero annual greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

What has changed in your project since you entered?
This year we have been putting a lot of effort to inform the industry that nowadays the technology gives us the tools to tremendously reduce the carbon emissions and optimize the movements at a global scale. We spread the word via our participation to events, online presentations, awards nominations… In the last few months, we have noticed an increasing interest from the experts and influencers of the industry via their invitation to talk about our case studies, publish articles in specialised magazines and websites… Our solutions trigger the market; and the leaders (first movers) are coming on board.

What are you most excited for on the night of the Awards?
Meet all the industry players, cheer with the other finalists, jury and stakeholders; and celebrate together our common passion for redefining the standards and boundaries of the industry. The night of the Awards is also a great occasion for us to gather with our guests and partners, as for some of them we haven’t had the chance to meet due to recent pandemic restrictions.

All businesses transporting goods around the world need to lead towards a more environment friendly model by integrating valuable tools; by optimising the loads, routes and trips, and adopting eco-friendlier transport assets.

What do you think is the most important thing to focus on now in the industry? What should be the biggest priority when it comes to change for the better?
“Change for the better” are some very inspiring words for us, as every day, we put all our efforts in creating solutions that would help the industry to change for the better.

Applied to our industry, this question could refer to as: What can we do to cope with the increasing amount of cargo movements around the globe, and at the same time reduce the CO2 emissions and cost of the operations AND make the end-users happy?

All businesses transporting goods around the world need to lead towards a more environment friendly model by integrating valuable tools; by optimising the loads, routes and trips, and adopting eco-friendlier transport assets.

They shall also lead towards a more connected and collaborative approach in order to give the right information (and the right amount!), at the right time to the right people; and avoid unnecessary efforts, movements, and waste of time and money.

As for logistics units’ owners, they need to find ways to reorganise their fleet while ensuring recyclability, sustainability, longevity, and profitability; this is our proposal with the Container2.0 as a solution, to tackle considerably the current environmental challenges.

To sum up the keywords to focus on are: Sustainability, Connectivity, Collaboration, Integration.

Today, the technology gives us the tools we need to improve our global and day to day operations. It’s simply a matter of having the will to deploy them.

What are you looking forward to after the Awards?
We are looking forward to team up and collaborate with many stakeholders of the industry that will have heard about us thanks to the exposure from the event (pre, during & post event!).

It would be our great pleasure to get container users and leading companies such as Maersk, XPO Logistics, Kühne & Nagel… on board to support our initiatives and prove that a simple switch on a large scale can have a huge impact on their companies and on the planet.

What made you decide to compete for the Supply Chain Excellence Awards?
We love the Challenges we are passionate with Excellence. It is always our pleasure to participate in the most important events of the industry. We strongly believe that if companies, organisations and all stakeholders of the industry are willing to collaborate, we will go faster. We have developed and are offering incredible solutions; and the Supply Chain Excellence Awards gives us the voice and spotlight to inform the whole industry.

How will you celebrate if you win? Where will you keep the trophy
The trophy will stand proudly on the bar of our office; We will gather our whole team around a dinner and beer on the beach, and reflect together about the fun and tough moments, good and less good decisions, mistakes that were necessary for our learning process; and overall passion and determination that brought us here.; and of course envision our next steps!…

What are your hopes for the project going forward? What are your next steps?
We are building our order book for 2022. Our goal is to collaborate with industry leaders and place thousands Containers2.0 in the market and thousands IoT devices.

Just in one year, with these units on the market, it will be obvious to all players how easy and passively we can save 205 million trees, reduce by 65 million tons C02 emissions annually, save over 20,5 billion litres of fossil fuel yearly and move 40 million tons of cargo at no additional cost and C02 emissions…every year!

What difference did the project make for your company and for the sector?

We completely reset the standards of the industry and sector. On a large scale, the positive impact for the whole sector will be huge; reduction of the CO2 emissions by millions of kg per year; save millions of trees, ease up the global freight traffic, and reduce the time needed to move goods from one side of the world to the other. All stakeholders have the tools to optimize the operations and ease up the communication between all parties, by receiving the right info at the right time about their shipments and assets…

We are looking forward for the whole industry to have a taste of it, and to collaborate with other teams in making our world greener for ours and the future generations.

We are amazed by the great work and efforts the organising team [of the Awards]are putting in so far; we are looking forward to seeing and experiencing more about it!

What are your impressions of the Supply Chain Excellence Awards generally?
We are amazed by the great work and efforts the organising team are putting in so far; we are looking forward to seeing and experiencing more about it!

Can you sum up 2021 from a supply chain perspective?
2021 has been an unusual year, demonstrating that all the stakeholders, companies and their related tools, methods, systems in place have to be flexible and able to adapt quickly to any new and/or unexpected situation that may occur. At the same time, we noticed that we are generally moving slow regarding our action for a greener world. It would be very valuable to increase collaboration between companies, to implement eco-friendlier solutions and hit our target to go from 51billion kg CO2 emissions to zero.

2021 has proved that we can develop and implement solutions matching both, sustainability and profit goals of the companies and the industry. It is just a matter of giving them a higher priority level, putting more effort into it.

Do you have any advice for future Supply Chain Excellence Awards competitors?
It is an amazing event where you have to participate. Embrace your initiatives, be creative, bold and enjoy every step of the process!

Want to see PEOPLE on the night, along with other industry leaders shortlisted for their excellence? Book your table today!


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