Cepton Technologies and MechaSpin partner to deliver Lidar tolling solution

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The new technology partnership is set to transform road tolling for both providers and motorists by utilising the latest technologies in data analytics and machine learning.

The Lidar tolling system produces detailed 3D classification of vehicles in real-time for automated tolling applications. Lidar utilises light waves from a laser to send a pulse of light and measure the amount of time it takes to reflect back from objects, making it possible to measure the distance between them.

The solution combines Cepton’s Sora-P60 with MechaSpin’s MSx software which will enable immediate profiling of vehicles at highway speeds in a range of light and weather conditions.

Cepton and MechaSpin’s solution addresses such challenges by eliminating the need for physical infrastructure while providing accurate data, such as vehicle velocity, size and axle count.

Neil Huntingdon, VP of business development at Cepton said: ”Our partnership with MechaSpin will allow for faster, more accurate and lower cost management of our transport infrastructure as the number of vehicles continues to grow globally.”

By Michelle Mooney

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