CHEMET partner with Nexxiot on digitalised railway tank cars

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Polish manufacturer of specialist pressure equipment CHEMET will integrate Nexxiot technology in their products to build smarter and safer railway tank cars.

CHEMET produce up to 500 complete tank cars and 1,000 tanks per year, specifically designed for the transportation of dangerous goods via railway.

The company now plans to implement Nexxiot’s Asset Intelligence technology when building its new products. This should allow clients to track the location of their goods in real-time.

Furthermore, the technology uses sensors and data analytics to prevent adverse conditions from causing disruptions and dangerous situations. Sensors will warn if a tank’s temperature significantly changes, allowing the issue to be resolved before any serious damage is done.

Bartosz Urbaniak, Commercial Operations Director of CHEMET, emphasised the need for the company to meet modern expectations for new technology in the industry saying: “Our customers have expressed an increased desire for digitalisation, and we want to ensure that their needs are being met.”

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