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Sealed Air’s new series of paper void-fill and cushioning packaging solutions now provides a comprehensive range of plastic and paper solutions.

“In the rush to meet the consumer demand for sustainable packaging, we have seen some paper solutions lead to higher product damage rates, increases in overall packaging used and equipment downtime. All of these have a significant impact on a business’s efficiency and environmental footprint,” comments Eric van der Kallen, Portfolio Manager at Sealed Air.

The addition of five new machines within the SEALED AIR® Brand Paper Systems series means the company can now offer a full range of recyclable, reusable and cost-effective packaging solutions to those customers who are demanding paper options.

Sealed Air’s new range includes both paper void-fill and paper cushioning packaging machines. These will join Sealed Air’s popular plastic-based protective packaging solutions to provide customers with a complete choice of substrate options.

“We use our expertise in designing and testing packaging applications to deliver the best overall packaging performance for each customer and, if paper is the right solution, we now have the product range to deliver this” concludes Eric.

Discover the sustainability benefits of using recycled paper. Find out more about Sealed Air’s paper packaging range here.

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