CitySprint launches dray delivery service

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CitySprint has launched a dray delivery service to cater to a developing market gap that includes new traders such as microbreweries and pop up venues.

The specialist provides tailored and just-in-time delivery to drinks customers in the UK, delivering to locations, or at times, which traditional large-scale deliveries are unable to reach.

More than 130 dray couriers have been trained to carry kerbside, out in-cellar or room-of-choice drinks deliveries safely and securely, including brewery kegs and barrels.

The service was introduced in response to an increase of over 200 per cent in revenue from the food and beverage sector in 2017 which is set to grow higher this year.

“The UK’s drinking habits have rapidly evolved over recent years. Where and when we drink today are very different. As a result, publicans and drinks retailers demand a faster and more flexible delivery experience,” said CitySprint chief sales officer Justin Moore.


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