CKF designs and builds Auto Packer for world’s largest coffee grounds recycler

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Robotic and automation solutions provider CKF was chosen by coffee grounds recycling company bio-bean to build and install a bag packing cell for its Coffee Logs product.

Installed in bio-bean’s production facility in Cambridgeshire, the new system has improved health and safety, and working conditions of employees as well as increasing efficiency and streamlining operations.

The fully automated packing cell, designed and built by CKF Systems in their facility in Gloucester, was installed and commissioned in the customer premises last year.

The cell receives the manufactured, formed logs on the twin infeed conveyor from the production line, a dual cycle collation, pick and transfer system provides accurate positioning, orientation, and loading of 8 logs per cycle into the pre-conditioned open paper bag. Using the vacuum technology from Piab and servo-driven vertical axis, the logs are inserted into the waiting bag. The process is repeated meaning each fully packed bag contains 16 coffee ground ‘logs’ which are used for fuel.

Ben Mills-Lamptey, Chief Technology Officer at bio-bean said: “The design and engineering of the Coffee Logs bag Auto Packer by CKF has successfully delivered for bio-bean. It’s an innovative solution that enables us to scale our production whilst retaining our fully sustainable and unique product packaging.

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