Clean Air – Reducing Cleaning and Maintenance Costs by 30%

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How much does your company spend on the cleaning and maintenance of your facility? Reducing the levels of Dust Build up can significantly reduce this cost. Find out how one logistics company reduced their Cleaning and Maintenance cost by up to 30%.

Company profile: DB Schenker AB’s parcel centre in Stockholm is the hub of the company’s North European logistics operations. This is where parcels from Central and Northern Europe come together to be sorted by destination and dispatched. The heart of the centre is the 7,500 m2 hall, where all parcels and packages are conveyed along “scan belts” before they are loaded into containers, or onto pallets, for transportation.

The centre before: At the parcel centre, packages move automatically along conveyor belts as if guided by an invisible hand. They are scanned by special sensors at parcel machines and sorted by destination. The sensors have to be completely reliable for this system to work properly. High levels of dust in the hall can lead to problems with the sensors in the parcel machines, resulting in increased error rates and even equipment breakdown. The conventional air purifi ers deployed up to now have not been a success, even after undergoing improvements. It has not always been possible to guarantee fully functional and speedy sorting of packages. This has resulted in increased costs related to downtime and extra labour.

The solution and its implementation: The Stockholm parcel centre was looking for an energy-efficient solution that could take heavy use and meet requirements for improving air quality in the building. To be absolutely sure of selecting the right air purifier, Schenker AB appointed an independent consultant to thoroughly examine a range of air purifiers on the basis of their performance data and test results. The winning air purifiers were the CamCleaner 6000 and the CamCleaner 30000 from Camfil Farr. The arrangement, consisting of CamCleaner 6000s placed close to the sensors – combined with floor-standing CamCleaner 30000s – is the ideal solution for the DB Schenker Group’s parcel centre in Stockholm.

The result: Camfil Farr CamCleaner 6000 and CamCleaner 30000 air purifiers are now being used with excellent results in the halls of the Stockholm parcel centre. The CamCleaner 6000s are positioned by the parcel machines to protect the sensors. The CamCleaner 30000s are located in the front and rear of the hall to remove large particles in these areas. The constant airflow, provided by a 0-10 volt control system in both units, ensures an even supply of air and improves the temperature blend.Real-time measurements of air quality A particle counter equipped with Camfil Farr’s special AirImage software was installed at Schenker AB’s facilities. The particle counter produces high-resolution real-time measurements of air quality. The real-time data analysis can be accessed instantly at any time.

The evidence: ”Due to a significant reduction in the amount of particles in the air, parcel sorting now proceeds without a hitch,” says Lars Karlsson, Facilities Manager at the parcel centre. ”There are no more errors as a result of dust gathering on the parcel machine sensors and fi re alarm sensors. At the same time, the improvement in air quality has increased the productivity and well-being of staff.” The extremely efficient filtration system means that considerable improvements in the environment have been achieved with low levels of air exchange. As a result, costs for maintenance and repair have been reduced. All equipment is now operating with the highest possible energy efficiency and economy.

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