Companies must act on driver shortage

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The logistics sector faces a serious driver shortage by 2020 unless it takes steps to rethink its approach to recruitment, according to a study by finance house Lombard.

Derek Pridmore, head of commercial transport at Lombard, said: “Economic growth means that logistics companies have an opportunity to capitalise on rising demand, but unless the sector addresses the issues caused by an ageing driver population and overall shortage of young people taking up a career in logistics, many companies will not survive.”

The report highlights figures from a UK Commission for Employment and Skills Report that suggests that demand for drivers will increase by 40 per cent between now and 2020.

With a current shortage of what is believed to be 60,000, the report explores a number of options open to the sector including engaging with potential recruits that may include those from across gender and racial backgrounds, investing more in training and licence application and establishing career development paths, as well as working with Government and trade organisations to raise its profile and encourage young people to consider a career in the sector.

“It is clear from the report that there is an urgent need for investment to attract and secure future recruits to generate a healthy and profitable future for UK logistics. We hope that the industry will consider the findings and act upon them to provide the foundations from which growth can be built,” said Pridmore.

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